With a focus on clinical supervision, patient comfort and punctuality, SMA brings a service unlike any other to the patient transport market today.

Professional punctuality. We guarantee our clients that we will have patients at their appointments on time allowing hospitals / medical facilities to take back control of patient movements and allow for greater efficiencies. Focusing on quality with attention to detail. SMA ambulances are state of the art, clean and comfortable allowing your patients and loved ones to relax with the peace of mind that they will be safe, happy and on-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SMA licensed?

SMA operated under consent issued by NSW health under sect. 67E of the health services act to provide patient transport services.

Who uses SMA patient transport?

SMA is the preferred provider of patient transport services for Ramsay Health Care and also works with many other healthcare facilities and providers.

How will SMA benefit me as a patient?

As a patient you can expect to be comfortable on our state of the art powered stretchers. You will be taken care of by friendly and caring staff who will do their upmost to make your trip enjoyable. Our ambulances offer hot / cold towels, snacks and a selection of chilled water and juices.

Can my friend / partner / son or daughter come with me?

Room for the clinical escort and / or loved one to come along; SMA accommodates patient’s loved ones with the opportunity to support our patients with a seat in our ambulance to come along too.

How will SMA benefit me as a nurse unit manager / hospital CEO?

Increased efficiencies within private hospitals are paramount to ensure maximised margins and quality care. SMA enables hospitals to take back control of patient movements due to the confidence that if the patient is booked with SMA then the patient will be transferred on-time.

Maximise access to specialists. Many medical specialists refuse ambulance patients due to their busy schedule and the inevitability of patients being hours late cannot be accommodated. SMA allows medical specialists to keep to their schedule ensuring a healthy relationship with the facility.

Stop re-booking appointments. Many specialist and imaging appointments are hard to arrange due to the shortage in some specialties. This may mean that patients wait weeks or months in order to have an appointment. SMA ensures patients do not suffer through appointments being missed and the inability to re-schedule.

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