Aged Care

Australian Aged Care Providers provide long term care for almost 20% of the population aged 80 years and over, and 6% of those aged over 65. This places Australia as the nation with the highest proportion of older people living in institutional care.

State Medical Assistance helps prevent elderly patients from ending up in a hospital emergency room or with poor health outcomes whilst costing a fraction of permanent nursing staffing on-staff and providing your employees with much-needed support.

Our solution is designed to keep elderly patients within their homes, where they are safest and most comfortable whenever it is safe to do so.

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How You Benefit

Receive Clinical Advice

Receive clinical advice from our 24/7 clinical support team including registered paramedics, registered nurses and doctors including both GP’s and specialists.

In-Person Support

Aged Care resident nurses can receive in-person, on-site support which can support them in all areas including personal and clinical care.

Independently Audited and Certified

SMA is independently audited and certified in National Health Standards, Quality Management, Work Health & Safety Management, Environmental Management, Information Security, and Business Continuity Management, providing reassurance that you and your patients are guaranteed to receive high quality service every time.