SMA provides a range of on-site medic support options to suit wide-ranging clients need at affordable rates through a range of flexible service plans.

Are you a NSW employer seeking a trusted and high quality industrial medical support service provider that can work flexibly with your business to deliver injury management and early intervention systems?

Employers understand the paramount importance of safety. However they often find it difficult to find a provider that will work collaboratively to provide effective on-site medic support and implement systems that lead to improved injury management performance.

Some of the key benefits of our service offering include:

  • A configuration to suit your work environment through a range of benchmark qualified and experienced First Responders, Paramedics, Intensive Care Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors.
  • A range of new or current model vehicle options to augment our medic response teams including fully equipped and compliant ambulances
  • A quality approach through adherence to strict clinical protocols, approval to administer NSW Health Schedule medications, overarching operational clinical governance and annual independent audits
  • 24/7 rapid response and effective injury management in the event of an onsite accident
  • Relationships with a range of medical and specialist facility partners to optimise the injury management response and get staff back to work quickly
  • Risk management approach including on-site assessments, first aid checks and simulations
  • Technology platform that can manage confidentially manage patient injury records

To learn more about how you can profit from SMA’s on-site service offering please call 1300 30 40 63 or contact us here.

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