State Medical Assistance, using stretchered or seated options, can provide repatriation of patients via a commercial airline. Our doctors can help advise the best options for the patient and SMA will then take care of organisation of bed-to-bed transfer including transport to and from the aircraft.

Commercial Air Escort
SMA’s medical staff are available to accompany seated patients on commercial aircraft to ensure optimum medical care of the patient. Our commercial air escort will be one or more of our highly trained and experienced medical professionals, who will provide patient-focused care and assistance.

Commercial Stretcher
SMA’s medical staff can travel on a commercial airline with a stretchered patient to ensure all their medical needs are met throughout the flight. Comfortably located at the back of the aircraft, the patient and SMA’s medical team have space, comfort and privacy.

Air Travel Companion
Travelling can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a disability. A State Medical Assistance air travel companion will accompany you throughout your journey so you have peace of mind and can relax without worrying about paperwork, baggage or anything else.

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